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DxW Consultants
Digital/Payments Strategy, Road Mapping, & Initiative Delivery

DxW helps you successfully plan and deliver your digital & payments initiatives, bringing you our expertise in project, program, and product management.

We help you navigate the evolving digital & payments spaces and deliver new capabilities, infrastructure, and operations – whether you are a financial institution, a service provider to financial institutions, or a fintech. 

DxW brings you over 30 years of experience in digital & payments initiative delivery – whether you’re looking to start your organization’s digital/payments arm, or have established teams, our group of experienced experts is here to help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution and successfully deliver business benefits.

Our Services

DxW brings you three core offerings:

  • Payments Strategy

  • Road Mapping

  • Delivery

Our Services

Payments Strategy

We provide expertise to help your team narrow down and decide on your strategic objectives in the rapidly evolving payments landscape in Canada and worldwide.

Integrated Delivery Road Mapping (IDRM™)

We help you bridge the gap between Product/ Strategy and Delivery, because the best-looking strategy is just vapour without a pragmatic, reality-grounded road map to deliver its objectives.

Initiative Delivery

Delivering payments excellence can be challenging to achieve. With our experience we can help you do it.

Ready to find out more?

Accelerate your digital payment initiatives, and capitalize on the evolving digital payment opportunities.

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