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Payments Strategy Definition

We bring you payments strategy expertise to help you narrow down and define your strategic objectives in the rapidly evolving payments landscape in Canada and worldwide:

  • Choosing industry and/or government Open Banking paths (data sharing, payments initiation);

  • Whether and how to plan for wholesale or retail Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs);

  • Which real-time or instant payments schemes to pursue;

  • Whether and how to hedge against further delay on Payments Canada’s RTR (Real-Time Rail) beyond 2024;

  • Approaching Payments as a Service (PaaS) and Banking as a Service (BaaS);

  • Making best use of rich data from ISO 20022 across the enterprise;

  • Meeting SWIFT deadlines pragmatically while maximizing ISO 20022 benefits;

  • Adapting to increased government and regulator attention on interchange fees;

  • Evaluating your current-state payment systems and architecting solution options spanning from least-effort to ideal end-state, and striking the optimal balance between current legacy systems and forward-looking design paradigms.

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