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Initiative Delivery Leadership

Get your critical initiatives started right:

  1. We advise you on initiative structure, from adequate to optimal (i.e., how to maximize the chances of success).

  2. We start and lead the initiative for you, and in parallel help build your in-house delivery team’s bench strength:

    • We coach your team in our highly effective methods, ramping them up to take charge and reach self-sufficiency.​

  3. We reduce our involvement in phases after 3-6 months, cost effectively and once it’s running smoothly:​

    • We gradually transfer initiative leadership to your in-house staff – and remain available for guidance afterward.

    • Optionally, we can lead all the way to initiative closure, and/or join midstream to help right the ship.

Your large, complex initiatives will always benefit from experience-driven, methodology-agnostic, sensible leadership – regardless of what the role is called or what delivery techniques are used.

We call the role “Initiative Delivery Lead”:

  • Partly because “Project” or “Program Manager” don’t always fit exactly – but admittedly also because those labels are (undeservedly) out of fashion.

“But the Project/Program Manager roles aren’t needed anymore!”

  • “Maybe” – that is, for straightforward deliveries using agile and product-oriented delivery (POD), with well-resourced, self-managing teams, flexible timelines, predictable burn rates, and using one homogenous methodology.

  • But an Initiative Delivery Lead remains crucial on initiatives that:

    • Involve multiple organizations (internal or vendor), especially when the selection of some remains uncertain;​

    • Bring a blend of methodologies, unaligned across organizations: Traditional Waterfall, Agile, POD, Hybrid;
      Face constrained timelines and budgets.


Boost your team’s success rates with our senior Initiative Delivery Leads experienced in large and complex deliveries, as well as our specialists in:

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Product Ownership

  • Business Analysis

  • Solution Architecture

  • Payments Operations Analysis

​      …all of whom are highly experienced leaders in their own right.

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