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Why Choose DxW Consultants?

1. Digital Payments Expertise

DxW can help you navigate the digital payments space so you can accelerate your team’s knowledge and achieve initiative success.

DxW specializes in digital payments initiative delivery; DxW’s principals have successfully launched numerous multi-million-dollar projects for large financial institutions in North America

2. Experience

You get the benefit of DxW’s 30+ years of combined experience spanning digital payments products including emerging payments, international & domestic payments, and more.

  • DxW’s expertise will help your project team leap-frog to “performing” (spend far less time storming/ forming/norming) = more successful digital payments capability delivery 

You avoid a crucial risk (assembling a core project team from disparate full-time and contractor sources that may or may not work well together)


  • DxW’s principals and team members have worked together extensively, with proven track records and good team chemistry

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

As your needs change, we can adapt with you and provide more/less consultative services, or resource augmentation


  • You can hire DxW for consultation only, or resource augment your existing teams or hire our ready-made, core project A-team


COVID-19 forced us all to be flexible. DxW provides you the expertise without adding full-time employees (budget flexibility)


  • DxW is fully experienced with remote work set up and can advise your teams on remote/virtual best practices

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