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Portfolio Management &
Delivery Road Mapping

We help you stand up or improve your Portfolio Management practice:

  • We work with your team to assess what is working well already, and what will benefit most from enhanced approaches – while keeping the rate of change to a digestible amount and pace.

Portfolio Management has (similarly to Project Management) been overshadowed by agile delivery approaches – which can, to be fair, tick along predictably and productively… in the right circumstances.

  1. However, the planning and oversight of groups of disparate initiatives remains a necessity:

    • To handle intra- and extra-organization constraints and pressures beyond the concern of any single initiative;​

    • To interface with the less-than-agile aspects of running an organization: fiscal year planning, procurement, human resource forecasting, and strategic initiative prioritization and sequencing.

  2. Delivering and enhancing complex products involving blends of in-house and vendor components (off-the-shelf or customized) is never as simple as tracking items in a backlog and burning through them:

    • It takes an ongoing combination of negotiation, funding securement, and prioritization against other initiatives, all of which require experience and an organized approach to managing the portfolio

We also help you bridge the gap between your Product/Strategy and Delivery teams with our experience-driven approach to Portfolio Management.

  • Your best-looking strategy is just theoretical without a pragmatic, reality-grounded road map to deliver its objectives.

DxW helps meet your Portfolio’s goals using Integrated Delivery Road Mapping, which:

  • Integrates with Product and Strategy teams to understand business-needed enhancements and priorities;

  • Closes the feedback loop from internal and external Delivery and Technology teams;

  • Works alongside Product and Portfolio teams to select tradeoffs and determine initiative sequencing to produce a grounded, achievable, and optimized Integrated Delivery Road Map (IDRM™).

DxW will maintain the living road map for the duration you require and, in parallel, coach your in-house Product and Portfolio staff in regular road map performance review and maintenance.

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